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Our Mission

GlamasdeCasa started as our mission to promote family values . As time goes by many of the new generations can loose the link to culture, traditions and healing practices so essential fir survival not only physically but mentally . The table and the kitchen can give us that ”Come Home feeling ” we all deserve . Not only of family but friends . Glamasdecasa hopes we keep the best of what we love to . There are no titles or medals for the wo... Read more

The Importance of Giving Back

A part of all our proceeds is to fund needs in the community and civic foundation that feed children all around the world. It is not acceptable that children go hungry. Period. GlamasdeCasa highlights the strong women who gave us all us past present and future. It is GlamasdeCasa's intention that every one of us realizes the importance of the home to raise healthy happy individuals by nurturing.

Each apron comes with complimentary story card and certificate of authenticity

Annual Gala with Comite Argentino Civico


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